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Hist 235 Winter 2015 Syllabus

Anonymous review #207336:

I enjoyed taking this class from Erin Spinney very much. She was engaged with the students and clearly enjoyed teaching the material. In the minutes before class began, she would play music from the year(s) we would be studying that day in class. It was a small touch that made the class more enjoyable. Overall, her lectures were very good – my only suggestion would be to include a little less information on the powerpoint so that the students can keep up with notes. I often found myself typing as fast as I could to get all of the information on the slide and missing the additional information she was providing as lecture. It would be nice to have a basic skeleton of the slide to copy down (headings, possibly?) and then take notes based on what she is saying. Otherwise, I am very happy I took this class and think that she will be a wonderful professor!


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