Journal Articles

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Read my research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Papers in Canadian History and Environment

’The Hardships he labours under for want of an Allowance of Fuel in that severe Climate’: Environment and Military and Naval Hospitals in Canada 1756-1814.” 5 (March 2024): 1-45.

UK Association for the History of Nursing Bulletin

“’Received into the Wards as Patients’: A Case Study of Sick and Injured Nurses at Haslar Naval Hospital, 1814-1815.” 11(1) (2023),

Nursing History Review

“Women’s Work: Nurses, Orderlies, and the Gendered Division of Care in Revolutionary and Napoleonic Era British Army Hospitals,” 31 (2023): 127-149.

Winner of American Association for the History of Nursing Mary Adelaide Nutting Award for Exemplary Historical Research and Writing Award

The Northern Mariner

“Women’s Labour, British Naval Hospital Ships, and a System of Medical Care, 1775-1815.” 32(2) (2022): 201-214

Journal for Maritime Research

“Servants to the hospital and the state: nurses in Plymouth and Haslar Naval Hospitals, 1775-1815,” 20(1-2) (2018): 1-17

Non-Referred Journal Articles

Read my research that has been published in non-peer-reviewed journals.

Nursing History Review

April D. Matthias, Diane L. Smith, Beth Hundt, Stephanie Woods, Erin Spinney, and Victoria T. Grando, “AAHN Position Paper: Nursing History in the Curriculum,” 32 (2024): 136-141.

Environment and History

Pál, Viktor, Roberta Biasillo, Elena Kochetkova, Tayler Meredith, Simone Schleper, and  Erin Spinney. “Emerging Scholars in the Age of Uncertainty: Goals and Plans of ESEH Next Generation Action Team in 2018-2019.” 24 (2018): 579-581.